Reviewer's Garden

It is very difficult to get the publications of foreign countries in China. But, science is international and worldwide. Chinese linguists certainly also need to know the research of colleagues from others countries. I hope that in this small garden we would have much more beautiful flowers from your hands. If you like to transplant your favorites to the garden, please contact me. Welcome to our garden and send me your flowers(reviews) and flower seeds(books). Thanks!

In this garden, you will find the flowers(reviews) from the fields: Interlinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Language Planning, Dependency Grammar, Corpus Linguistics and other branches of linguistics.

The languages of reviews are Chinese, Esperanto, English...


Fervoja Terminaro en China-Esperanta-Angla Lingvo/General Dictionary of Railway Terms in Chinese-Esperanto-English. Chefredaktoro/Chief editor: Li Sen. 1999. 10. Huhehote: CHFEA/CREA. 610 p. Vere bonega teminaro pri Fervojo, tamen certe ne nur utilas al fervojistoj. Click here for more detail information.




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